High Electric Bills? Are You Sure Your Windows are Energy Efficient?

Summer is here at last! Much as it’s nice to have the sun shining strong again, the heat in Calgary and Edmonton can get to you. The last thing you need when you enter your home on a hot day is a hot living room and high electric bills. This is the reason you need energy efficient windows.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

Windows are designed to provide light, warmth, and regulated temperature. They connect you with the outdoors; keep you cozy with sufficient natural heating on cold days and keep home interiors cool on hot days. In extreme temperatures, insulated windows are designed to prevent heat loss and bring down your electric bills during the winter months. Simply put, they are meant to keep your home cozy and keep energy costs low.

Your window comprises of two parts – the frame and the glass. You need both to work in tandem to ensure energy efficiency. How do you ensure that? Try this:

  • Close your windows. Are all corners sealed tight?
  • Can you feel air escaping from the sides?
  • If there is even a thin stream of air flowing in, you need to call in professionals to have the frames and glass replaced.
  • Call Millennium Windows and Doors to conduct a thorough check.

What Window Frames are Best for Energy Efficiency?

Old windows are not usually well sealed. They allow air to escape through improper sealing and inefficient glass. This means your home heating and cooling system has to work harder to maintain the right temperature, resulting in high electric bills. You need window frames that reduce air leakage and condensation.

Window frames come in many varieties, each providing different levels of thermal resistance and energy efficiency.

Wood, Vinyl, Fibreglass: These are the worst conductors of heat, hence provide the best insulation. This means that they are the most energy efficient. Vinyl frames are multi-chambered which reduce heat loss considerably. Many windows trap inert gas between the panes to improve thermal performance.

Glass: Glass windows are one of the most popular, but you need oxide coating on the inner surface, inert gas, and double or even triple frames to increase insulation for cities with extreme temperature such as Calgary and Edmonton. Good insulation will prevent heat transfer in the summer too, and keep your home cool. Check for energy efficiency by inspecting the ratings printed on your window label. Make sure the double or triple-pane glass is thick enough to keep out air but allow enough sunlight to keep your home brightly lit and comfortable.

Aluminium: Aluminum is inexpensive and durable, but the frames heat up and cool down fast, which means they are poor insulators and not as energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency Means Eco-Friendly

With climate change becoming an increasing concern, it is important to adopt ways and means to reduce your carbon footprint. Replacing a single window pane can save you 1,147 to 3,839 pounds of carbon-dioxide a year. New windows can help you conserve energy with high-quality, well-insulated materials that reduce carbon footprint. They also make your home look more attractive.

Upgrade to Energy Efficiency Windows, Doors, and Patio Doors

Call Millennium Windows and Doors to replace your old, worn out or outdated frames and materials with high quality, locally manufactured, CSA approved energy efficient alternatives. We supply and install windows and doors and walk you through the energy ratings to make sure you find the right ones for your home.


All credit goes to Millennium Windows & Doors Renovation