Windows and Doors uplift our living spaces by making the exteriors look beautiful and letting in the fresh air and natural light indoors. However, windows can also be the root of numerous problems. Below are the common problems we may experience with windows and solutions on how to fix them.

Breezy Window

Some windows let in the air despite being closed, causing the temperature in their proximity to change and curtains to flail. This can be the result of improper window design and loose weather-stripping. The solution entails swapping the window with an efficient design. Windows with a low U-factor rating result in best insulation value. Don’t forget to check your weather stripping and replace it to create a seal around the window.

Faulty Window

Water leaks around the window can cause significant damage. The problem can be indicated by stains on the wallboard towards the bottom sill, spongy or rotten wood, peeling of paint, mold growth, and difficulty while opening or closing the window. The issue is resolved by removing the glass to clean any dirt, apply latex caulk and cover the lens with glazing compound. You may also have to remove the old caulk and use new caulk at the edges of the window.

Broken Handle

Casement and awning windows employ handles in their operation. They operate a majority of the time smoothly, however, forcing windows to open in frozen temperatures, over tightening, and long-term use may cause problems with the handle. In such events, avoid over tightening the handles and use the mechanism to shut the window completely. Make it a point to clean the windows of dirt, utilize silicone lubricant and replace the window crank at a low price.

Foggy Window

Now and then, seals on insulated glass break and let in the moist air between panes, causing increased cloudiness over time, resulting in obstructed view and window rot. In this scenario, replacement is needed. It would be helpful to check if you have an existing warranty.

Wooden Windows

Prolonged moisture contact can cause wood windows, which have excellent aesthetic value, to decay and rot. If only a part of the wood is spoiled, you may be able to exclude the affected area and replace it with new wood. However, in case the entire frame has gotten rotten, you must return the window to ensure there are no hidden damages.

Mildew Growth

Mold growth on the windows is unappealing and poses a health risk. The issue is caused by windows constant exposure to moisture, which causes bacterial growth. You may get rid of mold by cleaning the windows with dish detergent and baking soda, then disinfecting the area with bleach and water. Prevent the issue from recurring by allowing frequent ventilation through exhaust fans, windows, and dehumidifiers on warm days.

Issues with windows can ruin the beautiful aesthetic they providing and can also pose a health risk by keeping extreme cold temperatures and heat out and being home to mold. Although small-scale repairs may sometimes be easy, it is essential to hire a professional for extensive and lasting repairs.

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