Wide Range of Door Designs Available

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At Millennium Windows and Doors Renovations, we carry some of the best doors in Edmonton! Our doors are professionally built and professionally installed by experienced contractors. All of our doors in Edmonton are guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Your doors are crucial to the security of your home. Front doors, back doors, side doors, patio doors; all of these are points of entry that a trespasser can be likely to target. When you choose a door from Millennium Windows and Doors Renovations, you can be sure it’s going to provide you with the sturdiness and reinforcement you need.

Your front door is often one of the first if not the first part of your home potential buyers are likely to notice. This is why purchasing a new front door is a great way to increase the value of your home and increase your chances of selling.

At Millennium Windows and Doors Renovations, we carry a number of doors in Edmonton including garden and patio sliding doors, and wood-framed doors with stained glass additions. You can go for a style with either white or wood-framed stained glass doors, each with their own beautiful designs that are sure to impress. Or perhaps your patio is in need of a wider, newer, or simply better-sliding door? No problem, Millennium Windows’ patio and garden sliding doors are just what you need.

Wooden Framed Stained Glass Window Doors

Doors Edmonton

These sturdy and beautiful doors are perfect for you if you are looking for a new front door. With an elegant wooden frame fixed with beautiful stained glass designs, these doors are sure to please the eye in more ways than one.

White Stained Glass Window Door

Doors Edmonton

Just as beautiful as our wood-framed stained glass window doors, these doors are fixed with the same alluring stained glass designs, but are built using white wood that can really stand out. With one of these beautiful doors gracing the front of your home, your house is sure to stand out in your neighbourhood!

Garden and Patio Sliding Doors

Doors Edmonton

Our garden and patio sliding doors are perfect for sprucing up the outside of your home. Your back patio will be made more accessible and more welcoming with a new sliding door, and a new garden door can only increase your home’s exterior appeal.