Though you may not think it, your windows and how they are built can have a dramatic effect on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) costs. When you heat your home in the winter, or cool it down with your air conditioning in the summertime, warm or cold air can easily escape through a window that is either not installed properly or in need of repair by way of cracks and gaps, but it can also be less likely to be contained if the window is made using regular everyday glass. To solve this problem, not only are more and more windows being installed better and being kept in much better shape, homeowners are also turning to energy-efficient window glass. Let’s take a look at what makes this glass so energy-efficient and how it can reduce your HVAC costs.

What is Energy-Efficient Window Glass?

Energy-efficient glass is special due to its ability to return much of the warm or cold air that is bounced against it; this glass is often insulated with argon gas, making this possible. The gas is kept between two, and sometimes three, separate panes of glass. Energy-efficient glass is no different looking than regular glass, meaning you will not have to worry about ruining or altering the look of your windows.

How Can Energy-Efficient Window Glass Save You Money?

Should you install energy-efficient glass in your home, heat from your furnace will stay in during the wintertime and cool air from your air conditioner will do the same in the summer. Also, summertime means plenty of sunshine throughout the day, which leads to UV rays penetrating ordinary window glass and heating your home up; energy-efficient glass is designed to keep UV rays from passing through your window, making it easier to keep your home cool without overworking the air conditioner and driving up your electrical bill. Ordinary window glass is simply not built to perform at these levels, and will thus end up letting warm or cold air escape, costing you more money in heating and cooling your home.

Are Energy-Efficient Windows the Solution You Need?

Here’s a good test to do in order to determine if energy-efficient windows could be a good choice for you. Since winter will soon be upon us, and the weather is already getting cold, stand near one of the windows in your home and see if you notice the air around that window being a little bit colder. If it does feel colder, that’s likely because your window glass is not doing a good enough job keeping heat in and cold air out. Upgrading to energy-efficient window glass is the best way to start making sure your house stays warm or cool and your HVAC costs stay lower!


All credit goes to Millennium Windows & Doors Renovation