It’s easy to get so wrapped up in renovating the interior of our homes that we neglect the exterior. This is a big mistake many homeowners overlook. The truth is the exterior of your home is the very first impression you can make. Whether you want to impress friends and neighbors or are looking to leave a lasting impact on a potential buyer, sprucing up the outside of your home with new windows and doors is your key to happiness.

Updating Your Windows

Beyond the simple seasonal cleaning, if you really want to make your windows stand out consider new casing or pane styles. Upgrading your windows can bring your home exterior up to date, transforming even decades-old property to chic, modern domiciles. Furthermore, new windows can help you save money on energy costs by replacing damaged or ill-fitted components.

If you want to stay on trend with current home design, consider bold window types such as bow or bay styles. These arcing styles swoop outwardly from the flat wall face of the home. They give better views of the outside while allowing more natural light into the room they are in. They are a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms but can give the dramatic flair to virtually any space.

Furthermore, the extra room bay and bow windows provide are excellent spots for extra decor. Many people like to turn this space into a miniature indoor garden for hanging pots. Others like to turn the windows into a unique shelving spot for books or seasonal accents.

Front Door Upgrades

The front door is the first part of your home that visitors interact with. As such, it needs to set a good example for the rest of the home. Weathered, warped, or otherwise unpleasant-looking doors give the impression that the home is not maintained or cared for. This can be particularly bad if you’re trying to sell your home.

When replacing your front door there are two things to consider: fashion and purpose. The door should obviously look good and fit with the color and style of the home, but should also be functional and durable. Consider doors made from materials that are energy efficient, meaning they are insulated and form a tight seal so your temperature-controlled air cannot escape.

Steel is a popular choice because it is energy efficient and made to last, being resistant to corrosion and rust. Modern steel doors can be made in various styles, with frames offered in many fun and unique colors. Many people prefer to have a front door that features extra accents such as windows.

Back Door Upgrades

The back door of your home is your window to your property. The most popular types of backdoors include those with large windows, or even sliding glass options that really open up your home and let in lots of natural light. Sliding doors are also quieter than hinged doors, which greatly cuts back on noise during times when there is constant traffic in and out of the backyard.


All credit goes to Millennium Windows & Doors Renovation