Windows impact two significant aspects of your home, both comfort and efficiency. A poor or old set of windows can let in the heat and cold, which makes your home uncomfortable and causes your heater and air conditioner to work overtime. Considering this, replacing your windows with energy efficient options is an investment that not only adds value to your home but will help keep you comfortable even in the most extreme weather.

The Facts

Houses lose most of their heat through windows. Even if you have well-insulated walls and attic, you will still end up losing heat through your windows, and heat will get in during the hot summer months.

There are three main ways that heat loss occurs:

  1. Infiltration
  2. Natural Ventilation
  3. Mechanical Ventilation

Infiltration is precisely what it sounds like: air, either hot or cold, getting into the house through any kind of opening. This can be especially bad around windows, particularly when caulking begins to wear down over time. If you have any infiltration, you should be able to tell quite easily. If there are any cold spots in your home or drafts during the winter, then you have infiltration, the same goes for hot spots in the summer.

Natural ventilation is when you open the door or window to let air flow naturally in and out of your home.

Mechanical ventilation is the systems that circulate air throughout your home, such as ducts or fans.

In colder weather, you do want windows that stand up to infiltration as much as possible. Single pane windows are very much inferior to the various double pane energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows can reduce energy usage in winter significantly, up to 24%, while in summer they can reduce energy usage by up to 18%.

Good Ventilation

Not all ventilation is bad for your home, however, and it can help keep your energy costs down in mild weather. Instead of cooling your home in mild to warm weather, you can open your windows and create a cross breeze in your home, saving energy and keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, having big, bright windows lets in a lot of light. If enough light is let in, it means that you do not have to turn on lamps in your own home which will save you money and save on energy.

Let in the Light

While big, bright windows are great for letting in light and saving on energy, it is best to have them strategically placed. This is because windows should not take up more than 15% of the associated floor area. This can lead to too much infiltration. Remember that when calculating this that it does include glass patio doors.

Windows can add a lot to the comfort of your home and can also help significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Having properly installed, energy-efficient windows can do just this. The team at Millennium Windows and Doors wants to help your home be as comfortable as possible, and save you money at the same time. Contact us today to learn more about glass windows and doors, and how going energy efficient can help you.


All credit goes to Millennium Windows & Doors Renovation